HuMotion Consulting Life Coaching Services

Cognitive Consulting

Monthly life coaching to help with the issues we all face daily. This service builds freedom from the past, present and helps create the future you want and deserve. We recommend this as the first step to building a foundation for a new lifestyle in health and wellness.


HuMotion Nutrition

Food is Fuel. Learning what to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it to eat is only the beginning. There is a vast complexity to the body and how it utilizes resources to accomplish it processes over time. Here we can learn how to build a lifestyle that is sustainable and a long term solution to achieving true health.

HuMotion Fitness

HuMotion Fitness

Personalized training and rehabilitation programs that are delivered online or in person. This service can go the distance from Sports, competitions, overall fitness, and medical issues we are here to help build the capacity to win at whatever challenge you face.



The Hunity Project is a non profit foundation to educate how to enhance our spiritual nature and utilizing our abilities to better others and the world. Any creed, religion, or culture welcome. Weekly meetings and local involvement create change throughout our lives and community.



A wholistic store at your fingertips. Essential Oils, CBD Oils, Healthy Meals, Smoothies, Recipes, Local Produce, Apparel, and much more. We believe in giving you the tools to build a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy.


HuMotion Media

Social Media, Photography, Fine Art, Vlogs, Podcasts, Interviews, and much more. HuMotion is bringing awareness to the major issues in our health and wellness world through local community efforts. Get on board today and learn how you can be a part of the HuMovement.


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HuMotion Journal

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