Back Stepping Forward

Taking a step back is actually the first step to moving forward. The first act of slowing down and contemplating what is or isn’t begets self-knowledge. Only in the understanding of the self will we find the truth behind what we do and who we are. The biggest issue with this is the lack of motivation by people to confront themselves. This deniability creates a dark undercurrent in our society which opens the door to the invisible thief in our lives. This thief robs us of our dignity, confidence, and ability to self-love.
Every day we wake up in a world full of potential, and within that world of infinite possibilities we construct a mental picture of what we deserve, our life should be like, and a timeline of where we should be on a relative scale of success. We judge ourselves against the images we have stapled to that timeline and constantly weigh our worth with the guidance of others opinions and beliefs. We understand that the only way to be somebody is to be love by the somebodies.
Where did we go wrong?
Day one. We failed the moment our parents looked at us. Everything we know was constructed on an opinion they had of life and that was handed down to them from another person who had an opinion on life. This chain of faulty opinionating has caused a whole mess of opinions on what is the right and wrong way to live and be. No one knows who is truly right and who has it all wrong. What we do know is that if a lot of people like you then you’re doing something right, right?
Well, not exactly.
“All of us make mistakes. The key is to acknowledge them, learn, and move on. The real sin is ignoring mistakes, or worse, seeking to hide them.”
- Robert Zoellick
So how do we understand what is right and what is wrong? Let’s take that step back. Look at the universe before there were humans that we know of. It operated pretty much the same. Everything obeyed the laws of physics and time never stops. We can see how all things conform and do not choose their destiny but just are. Then we have humans and we have the ability to manipulate these laws to suit our will which opens the door to a whole new perspective of morality. We can choose what is law and what is not by just accepting or denying. This of course, doesn’t mean it’s true but it does mean that we can convince ourselves it is as well as others. Herein lies the paradox, because over the centuries we have created so many versions of the truth that who knows whose version is right, and with the expanding population how will we ever find the truth.
Simple, let’s look at what is true without our intervention. Throughout the ages these things have been called virtues. Integrity, responsibility, honor, etc. All of these traits attempt to describe a universal law that all things in the universe follow. When we deviate from them we open the opposite possibility to exist. Corruption, irresponsibility, immorality, etc. These traits are ours to choose. We will be one or the other one way or the other. What we must accept is the fact that it is our job to rebuke the versions of the truth we have been taught by our environment, culture, and loved ones and align ourselves with the absolute truth, the universal law of virtue.
Now this all sounds easy, but the real problem here is we have to go against everything we know and step out into the unknown while also, confronting our deepest beliefs about ourselves. This is last thing anyone wants to do, but again it is the most rewarding for those who do it. So again, here is our choice. We can continue to deny the truth and live in a life of fake friendships, personal beliefs, and unfulfillment, or we can do the scariest thing we could ever conceive and face our fears, sins, and selves.
This is our individual problem that affects each person in our lives. We cannot escape it and cannot hide it. The people around us can see right through the masks we put on as if they were made out of glass. The only thing we can do is our best to eventually find the strength to face it and change.

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