Does God really matter?

There are people who believe in God and there’s people that don’t.
What everyone wants you to believe is when you look at the world the people who don’t believe suffer, and people who do live better. 
This is supposed to make you want to choose God's way but when we hear this we can't help but know this view isn't true. 
This makes us feel as if we have been lied to and reinforces our belief that God is unnecessary. If we can't trust the people who are speaking for God and the leaders of our beliefs and faith then how will we ever trust God?
We are left
to trust in ourselves and in a world that’s completely Godless. Where is the purpose in that?
  • anger
  • suffering
  • laziness
  • conditioning
  • ego
  • not willing to search
  • Negative
What about the other side of the argument. There are masses of people who truly love and believe what God is. Those people don’t see suffering, they see opportunity and they understand the beauty around them. They choose to spend their time trying to help others see what they have found, while being viewed as radicals or crazy and people who don’t live in reality but find peace, happiness, and fulfillment.
  • opportunity
  • humility
  • curiosity
  • submission
  • searching
  • Positive
You have a third type of person who believes that neutrality is acceptable. These individuals believe in a God but don’t see a daily need for him. They live in an environment that is mainly self sufficient and spend their time doing daily tasks, only to rely on God when they feel the need to or are in a position of desperation. They don’t feel like they are good or bad people, they feel that doing good is good enough. 
  • ego
  • lukewarm
  • lost/content
  • lack of direction, urgency, or sense of purpose
  • torn
  • no need to search
  • Negative
The fourth person is someone who has no knowledge of God, this is an individual who was born or raised in an environment that God not only didn't exist but had no concept of a something greater than the self. Their rationality of reality is primal because all they understand are the natural laws of the universe and what they’ve been given. This person is without God because the only experience they have is what intercourse they have had with nature or the divine through things they cannot understand or comprehend. This personal revelation is their viewpoint of what God is or isn't which usually categorizes the unexplained as voodoo, magic, or wizardry.
  • unaware
  • lost
  • does not know to search
  • seeking power
  • found darkness instead
  • Negative
-Belief is only as good as the object in which we put our trust. Someone may come to me and say, "Hey, let's go for a ride in my new plane!" I may believe that it is safe. But if his plane hardly runs at all and he doesn’t even have a pilot's license, then my faith, no matter how strong, is not well founded. My faith won't make my friend a great pilot once we are in the sky! 
However, if another friend of mine comes along and makes the same offer, but he is a certified pilot with a new plane, then my trust has a much more solid base. It is the fact which makes it true, not whether or not I believe it.
So truth must contain some factual evidence or a legitimate way to investigate and evaluate the subject to reach a factual conclusion.
Looking at the four types of people we must understand that we are one or a mix of the types. In order for us to truly understand if God really matters we must investigate our position and search for his presence in our lives, but there has to be a realistic way to discover the truth and relevance of God. 
This search must begin within you. The purpose of God can only be defined when you have accepted the possibility of his existence and you begin to seek an explanation.
Demand, argue, fight, pressure the world and everything in it for proof that God exists but first and foremost truly open your heart and understand that God will only manifest if you are true with yourself.
Cover image by Annemarie van den Berg
Excerpt by Josh McDowell Ministry

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