Character Is What You Do When No One Is Watching

Stop for a moment a please reflect. What kind of path have you traveled? Every person you know and see has a story. None of us are immune to experience, whether good or bad, mistake or fate, purposeful or meandering, we all have a past full of color. Some of our colors are vibrant and display the best of our qualities and some are dull and bland and reveal our less desirable traits. Some roads are rockier than others but all seem to display one thing. The position and quality of who we are and where we are supposed to be. Does that mean we are incapable of doing something about it? Are we in control, or helpless and at the mercy of fate? Well, lets look at a few things because at HuMotion we believe there is a solution to create a life full of color and hope.

In history we see artist create perfect paintings of humanity, trying to explain the human situation with a glimpse of lives and instances frozen in a moment. Théodore Géricault recreated one of these moments in his 1819 painting “The Raft of the Medusa”. The story of this raft is littered with could have’s, would have’s, and should have's. We can relate to the feelings of retrospection, regret, and the fear of never knowing where life is going to take us because we have all made choices that seem to cast us out into the ocean of uncertainty. You may find yourself alone on a beautiful yacht floating on placid waters of tranquility and peace or you may find yourself struggling on a raft surrounded by people committing suicide, cannibalisms, and all acts of hopelessness in their attempts to survive a desperate situation.

Sadly, we have no way to control or predict our futures but what power we do have in life is to choose to make the best and most informed decision we can with what we are given. This sounds so simple but what most do not understand is that decision is reliant on more than your ability to choose. We are colored by our previous choices and experiences, as well as, manipulated by our family, environment, and friends. We are dependent on our self worth, self esteem, and beliefs which mean there are a lot of things we do subconsciously that we take for granted because we have made them commonplace, habit, or just the way we are. These unprompted patterns are what truly govern our lives and choices and display who we are when the situations and circumstances of life place us in the position of choice.

Here at HuMotion we know the quality of our character is our compass, and the belief of love of something greater than ourselves is our northern star. If we choose to focus on others, making each part of our being the best it can be to serve something other than the self, then no matter where we go or how we end up our raft will be filled with love and compassion, teamwork, and hope. If we are focused on doing what is best for the self, we will elevate our material and physical status at the expense of our spirit and those around us will suffer.

If we go back to the illustration Géricault created for us we can see how it must have been devastating to spend those day's marooned without any assurance of rescue, food, safety, future, or even the simple feeling of hope. Surrounded by people we would have never been more alone. This is the truth of humanity. We are capable of creating our own destruction, misery, and hell while gifted with the most beautiful world to live in. We are able to completely manipulate time, space, and position by our sheer will and choices. The most debilitating, paralyzing, and nullifying truth is we are not afraid of failure. We are afraid of success.

When we succeed is when others take notice. The light begins to shine on us and it creates a beacon that draws attention to who we are and our position. With that we see the drowning, floundering, and hopeless people all around us begin to claw at our heels to liberate themselves from the depths of despair. You will see it as others pulling you back down to where they are, sometimes because they do not want you to abandon them, sometimes because they are too afraid to aspire for themselves, or sometimes it has nothing to do with you at all, they are simply trying to use you as a ladder to reach a better destination.

What we must understand is we cannot save another until we save ourselves. In the journey of life we are incapable of offering our bodies as a step stool to a higher place and only capable of reaching back down to pull others up to where we have built a firm foundation. The process in which this is done can be seen in many forms. HuMotion can offer a method that has been proven to work.

The goal is to not only create beautiful people but to create people who can go back into those hopeless situations and be that helping hand that reaches in to teach others how to climb their way out into something greater. Community and teamwork are what we strive for. This world will never become a magical, beautiful place without each other.

In Géricault’s painting, we can identify with someone on that raft. Ideally we would like to look back on ourselves in those situations and see that even in our worst moments we could still be called beautiful. I know that even in the darkest and most dire situations we have a choice and what we chose to be defines what and who we are and become. Don't let your upbringing, other people, or society condition you into believing that you do not have the power to be perfect. Strive to be the best version of yourself you can be and believe in yourself to be that person. Love yourself in a way that builds confidence and inspires aspiration and change and you will see the hand reached down to help you up every time.

The greatest mistake we can make is believing that surviving the raft is our greatest achievement. The raft is just a test to show us who we have chosen to be.


A neat article on growing your character.


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