The I in Mind

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately through feeling without the need for conscious reasoning. If we spend the time to break this definition down we see that this ability to bypass the mind and have understanding without cognitive processes becomes the cornerstone of many philosophical and theological debates. How do we understand, or know, something without thinking it? Who are we if we are not our minds, thoughts, reasonings, or observances?
What is there beyond us if there is knowledge that supersedes science? Ultimately, why does this matter and how does it affect me daily? These and many other questions plague us in our daily lives even if we do not entertain them.
In the east intuition is intertwined with spirituality and the expression of it through religion, spirits using human minds to understand the external awareness of the material world and the physical expression of instincts are intelligence of some preexisting knowledge we have yet to uncover. This world in which this belief lives is ripe with spiritual reward and understanding. We are lost and needing to see. An opening or unveiling is the solution.
In the west we forgo much of the spiritual or religious connection with intuition and focus on the personal or egotistic view of our abilities and understanding of knowledge. Spirituality is expressed through action and only discussed as a mental state of faith or belief. We are physical beings fighting to become spiritual and we live in a tempestuous world that hinders us in every way. We are still lost and needing to see but there is no opening or unveiling to solve the situation, there is only discipline and abstinence to release our souls from the bondage they have been assigned.
If we look at the western perspective we see that we are negative unworthy subjects who place our faith in the external world and must train to gain greatness.
If we look at the eastern perception we see that we are positive and worthy subjects who place our faith within and train to reveal or the greatness within.
As athletes we must understand the difference between the egotistic external perspective and the intuitive internal perception of ourselves, self-worth, and lives. This understanding will permeate your entire being and subconscious setting the foundation for all thoughts and actions.
In life whether, new or veteran to training or competing, you WILL be placed in a position where you are faced with limitations. In that moment you will realize that the mind loses control and our instincts or inner spirit takes the reins. This unconscious, subconscious act reveals what we are made of on a foundational level. Can we achieve greatness in either view point?
Absolutely, but once inventory of the whole person has been taken you will find that greatness usually does not extend to the entire being when in the western perspective. A rift begins to appear when the mind must submit to the spirit. The spirit cannot be found within the self, our bodies are simply vessels for the that greatness.
We, as people who love to explore our limitations, have a choice; to believe we are the source of our greatness and that worshiping the physical mind is the only limitation we will never overcome, or we as a physical being matter not and the expression of greatness is only revealed when we choose to allow our spirit to shine through and beyond us.
A few resources for developing your intuition and growing internally.

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