The Mind behind Obesity

Fat is unused energy
Obesity is the overabundance of potential. The psychological factors behind obesity are profound. A cadre of intentions that create a void of potential. Inside the mind, we encapsulate our subconscious and within the depths of that ocean we hold a perfect version of ourselves. The translation from those depths to the shore of our conscious is fractured and distorted like a reflection on troubled waters. Our lives are filled with the intentions of actions performed to attempt to bring about that perfect version in reality.
Each time we fail to be aware of the true nature of who we are created to be a rift between our subconscious and conscious spawns resulting in psychological wounds called insecurities. These insecurities grow within the mind resulting in behavioral deficiencies and ultimately physical inadequacies. This sequence rebounds from the physical back through the mind to our subconscious causing us to see the chasm between who we are created to be and who we have become.
This cycle generates our self-worth which determines the outcome of our choices and actions and in turn creates the version of our being that exist in this world for all to see. Obesity is no more than a result of a psychological rift. Each day man and woman consume far more calories than necessary. The cause for this overconsumption is unique for each individual but stems from a need to fill the void created in the mind. That bottomless chasm will never be filled by a physical object so time and time again the individual consumes to no avail resulting in increased body weight. There is no excuse for knowing and yet still doing yet each of us know that it is our daily choice as to why we do not take control of our health and address the real issue behind our overconsumption.
Some cannot think of facing the fear inside and others choose to be oblivious. Those rifts can be results of childhood trauma’s, mistakes unforgiven, or lack of closure for transgressions we have suffered. Undigested and left to grow unhindered they spiral out of control. We have tried to justify our obesity in many ways. Metabolic syndrome being the clinical term for a group of conditions including obesity that damage our health and lead to diabetes, stroke, and death.
The factors related to metabolic syndrome are all effects of lifestyle choices. Each choice, minute by minute, cumulatively create a larger action over time. These minuscule actions leave nicks in our DNA which change our bodies at a foundational level. Some changes can be reversed by aligning ourselves with the image in our subconscious, disciplining ourselves, and making better choices. In the respect of obesity this leaves our bodies with an excess amount of fat placing extreme stress on our heart, lungs, lower back, and joints. The constant wear erodes their integrity and causes system failure.
The only option for combating these effects are to cure the rifts in the mind and make it a point each day to be aware of who we are and what we do. There are many options for help around us. The key is to be willing to accept it. Don’t be afraid to admit you cannot face it alone because avoidance will bring you isolation.
The masks we place upon our faces to cover those insecurities only fool ourselves. Others see right through them as you can see through others. Choose to change this vicious cycle and understand that taking control of the situation will bring you the needed wholeness and happiness we all seek deep within ourselves.
Let us help you put that extra stored potential to use and refine your body while teaching you a new perspective on health and nutrition. Education, results, and faith are the three factors you shall find within a HuMotion Nutrition Program.
We believe people are valuable and more than just a set of numbers. All of our clients receive a custom, flexible, and easy system that addresses not just the body (reality), but also the mind (conscious), and soul (subconscious) to help uncover the whole person.
HuMotion addresses each of these issues and helps you heal those rifts within yourself to become the person you know you were created to be.

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