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Exercise and training are distinctly different yet similar. Both generate a physical response within our body but the process in which it occurs and level it maintains is what we seek to understand and achieve.

Each of us begin at a different level and here at HuMotion we see each person as pure potential. Wherever you are in your path to being a better YOU we can help by discovering your current performance level and creating a plan that compliments your goals and capabilities.

The way this is achieved is by creating a strong foundation and understanding of the biomechanics of our bodies and how to properly put that in motion. The next step is to evaluate the psychological patterns that cause us to fail and build consistency. Finally, we achieve the ability to transcend our limitations pushing intensity and garner skills that take us to the next level in life and performance.

HuMotion offers many options to meet you at your level and performance needs for health and wellness. Online plans, in person 1 on 1, group, youth, sport specific, strength and conditioning, skill work, or rehabilitation plans can all be custom built for you.


  • Individual
  • Couples 
  • Groups
  • Youth 7-14
  • Youth 15-18
  • Senior 
  • Metabolic Corrective​​
  • Tactical Oriented
  • Skill Work
  • Cardio Intensive
  • Flexibility/Mobility
  • Strength Training
  • Travel Programs
  • Monthly Programming​​

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