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Nutrition is the act of providing your body with the proper nutrients for optimal health and daily function. Sports nutrition takes it one step further by looking at how nutrients provide a performance result, also, elevating your daily performance and generating a unique environment to optimize your body for higher levels of sport and competition.

At HuMotion we strive to understand how your' body processes nutrients to create a program that works efficiently and effectively with your body and lifestyle. We do this by providing you with the proper evaluation, education, and tools necessary to understand what to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it you are supposed to be eating. 

  • lifestyle evaluation
  • basic nutrition overview
  • body composition analysis
  • email access to nutritionist 
  • 3 month meal program
  • daily recipes
  • custom meal program
  • precise targeted macronutrient profile
  • weekly articles and newsletter
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