Character Test

Character Test

Take a snapshot of your character in real time

The Intrinsic Profile is a state-of-the-art psychometric assessment measuring a synthesized model of 13 crucial non-cognitive factors research suggest is predictive of human excellence. Composed of 120 items, the online assessment takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and is designed as both a predictive and developmental human capital tool.

Stated simply, the Intrinsic Profile measures whether a person is feeling self-motivated, disciplined and gritty, capable of adjusting to change and bouncing back from adversity - all while doing so with high levels of integrity.

  • Academic/workplace performance
  • Leadership success
  • Sport performance
  • Physical health and well-being
  • Financial success and social mobility
  • Engagement and productivity in school/work

Factor Tested

  • Grit Having the passion and perseverance to achieve your long-term goals
  • Growth Mindset Holding the belief that your potential can be cultivated through effort
  • Integrity Possessing honesty, integrity, and acting in an ethical manner
  • Adaptability Possessing the ability to acclimate to the changing environment
  • Self-Awareness Possessing an accurate understanding of your strengths and overall sense of identity
  • Self-Control Maintaining the ability to control your impulses and delay gratification for a larger reward in the future
  • Self-Efficacy Believing in your ability to accomplish goals
  • Self-Determination Having and pursuing self-generated and very meaningful goals and a strong sense of purpose
  • Internal Locus Of Control Believing that your success is determined by hard work and effort versus luck and external factors
  • Hope Possessing the ability to navigate around obstacles while in pursuit of your goals
  • Self-Discipline Possessing the willingness and ability to do work most others simply are not willing to do
  • Conscientiousness Being organized, careful, and dependable in the completion of your work
  • Resilience Having the ability to bounce back from setbacks and emerge from adversity stronger than before
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